1-7 day Juice diet

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It’s time to do a detox and you want to do it right. You want it to make a real change in your life, you want to be sure that you choose the best ingredients and recipes supervised by professional nutritionists. At Dietox we know how to help you.

Dietox’s fresh juice therapy consists of 6 healthy and nutritionally studied recipes to enhance the effects of semi-fasting, without giving up nutrients, vitamins and minerals that maintain your energy and strengthen your immune system.

Whether you have never done a detox or are already an expert, this therapy will easily adapt to you. You just have to choose the number of days you want to do the purifying semi-fast and repeat until it becomes a habit in your life. Our recommendation is to practice a minimum detox once a month to guarantee a regular cleansing of the body and train your mind to preserve the feeling of health, satisfaction and good energy.

Delivery & Conservation: The Dietox Fresh therapy will come to you fresh thanks to our COLD DELIVERY system. Our juices are made using the Cold-pressed method and preserved under high pressure (HPP). The vegetable creams and the broth are unpasteurized; they are 100% natural.

You must consume Dietox therapy within 10 days after delivery to enjoy its maximum freshness. In order to keep the recipes as fresh as possible, we advise you to select the lowest temperature setting in your fridge and place them in the coolest place (often near the engine). This way, you can keep them until the expiration date indicated on the cap of each bottle. You can choose the delivery date in our calendar.

Contents: 1×500 ml + 3×330 ml + 2×250 ml.


This detox therapy combines three of the most effective methods for cleansing your body and losing weight in a healthy way: intermittent fasting, chrono-nutrition and a very reduced-calorie diet.

It involves planning a set number of days (between 1 and 7) throughout which your diet will consist exclusively of cleansing, detoxing, and fat-burning juices + cream soups + broths.

Each recipe has been specially designed for a certain time of the day, which is why you should follow the order and timeframe indicated on each bottle/container.

This therapy works by restricting your calorie intake to allow your digestive system to rest, which encourages your body to flush out toxins and excess waste. The combined cleansing juice and cream soup detox will give your body the support it needs to optimize the natural cleansing process. What’s more, the additional fruit, vegetables and superfoods will provide your body with a high fibre intake to help control your appetite and reduce bloating. The high water content will keep your cells hydrated and help combat water retention.

These kinds of fasting diets have also been shown to promote autophagy, a natural process that is known for many benefits, such as cell renewal, slowing the signs of ageing, boosting energy & concentration, and encouraging fat loss.


Physical benefits *

• Complete purification of the body after a time of excesses and poor nutrition.
• Promotes weight loss (1-5 kg).
• Increases the feeling of lightness.
• Promotes the feeling of satiety (you do not go hungry).
• Balances blood sugar levels.
• Great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant power.
• Decreases fluid retention.
• Lowers cholesterol.
• Reduces abdominal bloating.
• Regulates intestinal transit.
• More hydrated and luminous skin (helps fight acne, pimples, blackheads).
• Better rest.

Psychological benefits *

• Increases energy and concentration.
• It awakens the motivation to lead a healthier life.
• Increases the desire to move and practice physical activity.
• Improves mood.
• Causes personal satisfaction and improvement of self-esteem.


* According to the results obtained in the DIETOX LAB clinical study. SEE STUDY.


  • Clear space in your fridge to store your fresh juices. Check the expiration date on each bottle.
  • You should not consume any solid foods on the detox therapy days. You can drink water, tea, and herbal infusions. If you start to feel anxious or are craving something to chew on, why not turn to our SOS Mouth Spray or Dietox Snack Balls to help you through your therapy.
  • Follow the order and timeframes for consuming each recipe (indicated on the label of each bottle).
    Shake well before opening each bottle/container.
  • Schedule a low-fat diet for the day prior to and after your detox therapy. DOWNLOAD THE PRE/POST DETOX DIET
  • If you are used to doing regular exercise, stick to low to moderate intensity exercises during your detox therapy days.
  • Detox therapy is not suitable for minors or for pregnant or lactating women. Nor should it be done by diabetics, people allergic to any of the ingredients, people with eating disorders or seriously ill.
  • Detox therapy is not a diet, it is the starting point to start a healthy and constant lifestyle with which you feel happy and at ease.

If you have any questions or need advice, you can contact Ana, our nutritionist: ana@dietox.com and ask her your question.


During a full day of Dietox juices (2×500 ml + 1×330 ml + 3×250 ml) you’ll take in a total of 966 Kcal, 26,6 g of protein, 51,6 g of fat and 128,4 g of carbohydrates.

Allergens: some of our juice blends may contain CELERY and CASHEW NUTS.




The combination of spinach with lemon, cucumber, apple and Matcha tea promotes weight loss from the first hour and helps fight excess fat that accumulates in the belly. Celery, for its part, is the detox vegetable par excellence due to its cleansing effect of toxins and its contribution of fiber.

INGREDIENTS: apple juice 38%, spinach juice 7%, avocado pulp 5%, CELERY juice 3.5%, lemon juice 3.5%, cucumber juice 1.7%, Matcha green tea powder, chlorella powder, pea protein powder, rice protein powder, antioxidant ascorbic acid and water.

Superfoods: Avocado, Matcha Tea, Chlorella



The star ingredient in this juice is blue spirulina, with a high iron content and great satiating and appetite-reducing power. Thanks to the celery content, you feel the diuretic effect that cleanses your body while you absorb essential nutrients. Ginger and guarana give you extra energy to face the morning and perform at your best throughout the day.

INGREDIENTS: Apple puree 30%, water, apple juice 20%, zucchini puree 8%, celery juice 5%, avocado puree, lemon juice, ginger juice 2%, pea protein powder, blue spirulina 0, 1%, brown rice protein powder, guarana powder, ascorbic acid antioxidant.

Superfoods: Avocado, Ginger, Blue Spirulina, Guarana.

Kj 173 571
Kcal 41 135
Fats (g) 0,9 3,0
     From which saturated (g) 0,1 0,3
HC (g) 7,3 24,1
     From which sugars (g) 6,4 21,1
Fiber (g) 0,8 2,6
Proteins (g) 0,5 1,7
Salt (g) 0,016 0,053



The first low-calorie detox gazpacho that, in addition to refreshing you, helps you lose weight due to its satiating power. Its high fiber content improves intestinal transit and favors the elimination of toxins. In addition, thanks to the carotenes in tomato and pepper, this recipe helps to prolong the tan and prevent sunburn.

INGREDIENTS: Tomato, water, beet (6.9%), red pepper, cucumber, gluten-free breadcrumbs, extra virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt, garlic, Goji berries, white quinoa and lucuma powder.

Kj 172 566
Kcal 41 136
Fats (g) 1,8 6,1
     From which saturated (g) 0,9 2,9
HC (g) 4,4 14
     From which sugars (g) 2,2 7,4
Fiber (g) 1,5 4,9
Proteins (g) 1,1 3,7
Salt (g) 0,44 1,4




Made from beetroot, which has a high iron and Vitamin C content, this juice will boost your energy at the same time as helping your body to eliminate fats thanks to the fibre content from the blueberries.

INGREDIENTS: Water, banana pulp, beet juice 10%, blueberry pulp, cashew 8%, lemon juice 6%, pea protein powder, rosehip powder, rice protein powder, ascorbic acid antioxidant.

Superfoods: Rosehip, Blueberries, Beets

Kj 356 888
Kcal 85 213
Fats (g) 4,2 10,5
     From which saturated (g) 0,8 2,0
HC (g) 9,1 22,8
     From which sugars (g) 6,0 15,0
Fiber (g) 1,0 2,5
Proteins (g) 2,3 5,8
Salt (g) 0,013 0,03



This recipe is much more your average vegetable cream soup. This tasty combination of baobab and moringa helps regulate your nervous system and relieve stress, as well as combatting bloating, cell ageing, and water retention.

INGREDIENTS: Water, leek, potato, onion, courgette, cucumber, peas, spirulina, extra virgin olive oil, salt, moringa powder, baobab fruit pulp powder and thickener.



It’s like the sweet treat that you savour every last bite of mid-afternoon, but with much fewer calories and no added sugars. This tasty combo of cinnamon, vanilla, and baobab will help curb your appetite, whilst stimulating your body’s natural vitality and reducing fat.

INGREDIENTS: Water, 9% banana pulp, 8% cashew, 5.5% lemon juice, 3% agave syrup, almond milk, salt, cinnamon powder, vanilla powder, maca powder, baobab powder, ascorbic acid antioxidant.

Superfoods: Cinnamon, Maca, Baobab.






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