Snack balls cordyceps

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Our all-new healthy snack with satiating and energy boosting effects. Introducing our first ever chewable product: the first low-calorie snack that will fill your mouth with flavour and boost health.

A natural recipe made from almond, beetroot, berries, ginger and cordyceps, designed to be your new essential grab-and-go snack. It’s perfect for curbing those mid-morning and mid-afternoon “hunger pangs”, with a double-action satiating and revitalising effect.

You are able to choose between two packages of Snack Balls Cordyceps: the 14 or the 21 sachets. The 14-sachet package contains 14 sachets of 2 Snack Balls Cordyceps each one (14 x 24 g). Instead, the 21-sachet package includes 21 sachets of 2 Snack Balls Cordyceps each one (21 x 24 g).

Each ball contains 40 kcal.


With just 40 kcal, each ball is packed with natural ingredients, free from gluten and dairy, high in protein and fibre, and is free from sugar, additives and preservatives. A wholesome healthy snack for stopping hunger in its tracks and aiding weight loss.

Dietox Snack Balls are made using a special recipe including our magic ingredient: Cordyceps, an edible mushroom with therapeutic properties that have proved highly-effective in boosting energy and improving performance.



Ingredients: Date paste, oat fibre (gluten-free), dried apricots, ALMOND, powdered beetroot juice, dried cranberries, sunflower oil, ginger powder, cinnamon, powdered Cordyceps Mycelium.

Contents: 14 sachets with 2 balls each (14 x 24g)



  • Keeps hunger at bay between meals.
  • Improves performance and boosts energy.
  • Helps you stick to your low-calorie and weight-loss diet.
  • Ideal for combining with exercise routines.
  • Helps counteract the effects of oxidative stress, providing an anti-ageing effect.


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