My advanced detox plan

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My Advanced Detox is a plan created for those who have already em-barked on their journey through the detox universe and want to go one step further. This 5-day plan brings together a combination of the best Dietox products for cleansing your body, losing weight, recharging energy, and acquiring good eating habits.

It is the ideal plan to programme a purifying and balanced diet during the week and thus compensate for any possible excesses or indulgences at the weekend. All you need to do is to do a day of smoothie therapy and continue for the next 4 days following the nutritional guidelines for detox specialists. Little by little, your body will adapt to this new way of working and very soon you will have incorporated the Dietox mentality into your daily routine with all its benefits: greater control of your diet, better resistance to temptation, constant lightness, more visits to the bathroom, a feeling of health and generalised de-inflammation (abdomen, legs, arms).

Contents: 1 day of Fresh Juice Therapy (6 juices) + 5 vials of Fit Water + 4 sachets of Dry Smoothies (4 x 60g) + 5 vials of Vital Water + 2 Energy Bars + 2 Snack Balls + 1 Dietox De-fense Syrup + 1 menu with detox breakfasts & lunches + 1 free shaker and straw.

Our juices are so fresh that we recommend consuming them within 10 days of delivery. You can select your preferred delivery date from the delivery calendar.


  • 1 Day of fresh Juice therapy
  • 5 Vials of Fit water
  • 4 Sachets of dry smoothies
  • 5 Vials of Vital water
  • 2 Energy bars
  • 2 Snack balls
  • 1 Dietox Defense syrup
  • 1 Menu with detox breakfasts & lunches – You will receive it by email.


DAY 1: Fresh Juice Therapy + Accelerators

If you want to get rid of that feeling of heaviness and inflammation in your body and start taking care of yourself, the best option is to do so with a cleanse that will act as a starting point for eliminating excesses and bad habits. Our Fresh Detox Juices can help you achieve this.

The juice therapy consists of undertaking an intermittent fast by exclusively consuming 6 detox recipes over the course of your day, following the indicated order and timeframes. You should avoid consuming any solid food in order to allow your digestive system to rest. Each of these recipes are made using 100% natural plant-based ingredients.

Along with the jus therapy, you will have several detox accelerators such as Dietox Defense Syrup, Vital Water and Fit Water. These products will help you complete your half-breakfast successfully, promote better cleansing of your body and keep you energised on the first day of the plan.

You’ll feel lighter, notice improved skin hydration and feel energized in no-time, allowing you to be the best version of yourself.

DAYS 2-5: Detox Menu + Accelerators + Dry Smoothies

Consolidate your full-body cleanse by following a menu with detox breakfasts and lunches, which you can use as a guide for eating a healthy and balanced diet. You can also continue to use these recipes during your normal daily routine after finishing the plan.

On the other hand, you’ll also have help from our detox accelerators such as Defense Syr-up, which is a daily dose that will help you maintain and boost your immune system. You’ll also find our Vital Water and Fit Water included in this plan, whose water-soluble capsules will keep you hydrated and provide other stimulating and diuretic effects that your body will thank you for.

This plan also includes various healthy and satiating snacks, such as Snack Balls and Energy Bars, to help keep you from reaching for unhealthy snacks and making it easier to get through any hunger pangs in-between meals.

Finally, you’ll replace your dinners with a sachet of high-protein Dry Smoothie. This smoothie allows you to enjoy a light and satiating evening meal and will also help your body to rest better, as well as boosting your body’s natural toxin elimination process (which occurs while you sleep).


  • Natural weight loss
  • Antioxidant effect
  • Immuno-protective effect
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Increased energy and vitality levels
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved skin
  • Feeling of lightness



  • Clear a shelf in your fridge to store your fresh juices.
  • Don’t consume any solid food on this day. Instead, you will only consume your fresh juices, in the order and timings indicated on each bottle.
  • Shake each bottle well before opening.
  • Take one dose of Dietox Defense syrup between 7am and 9am. Recommended daily dose: 10ml dose, once per day.
  • The syrup should always be stored at room temperature, when still fully sealed. Once opened, this product should be stored in the Fridge.
  • Start treatment with Vital Water and Fit Water at the beginning of the plan. Take one vial of Vital Water between 10h and 12h, to stimulate your energy and concentration. Save the vial of Fit Water for 4pm in the afternoon, to accompany the purification and drainage of the body.
  • Preparation of the functional waters:
    • Shake 1 vial vigorously and add to a 500ml – 1.5L bottle of water.
    • Shake for 20 seconds until fully combined.
    • Hey presto! Your water is now Dietox water.


  • Our dietician-nutritionist has designed a special programme with detox breakfasts for these days.
    Follow the recipes in the PDF you will receive via email.
  • There is a recipe with breakfast-friendly detox ingredients for each day (between 8am and 10am).
  • Keep going with the Vital Water treatment: add one vial to your water between 10am and 12 pm.
  • Prepare your detox lunch following the recipes in the PDF you will receive via email (between 1pm and 3pm).
  • Between 4pm and 6pm, in addition to your vial of Fit Water, you can take one of the healthy snacks of the plan, the Snack Balls and the Energy Bar to cut hunger between meals.
  • Finally, for dinner, between 7pm and 9pm, prepare a Dry smoothie:
    • Fill your shaker up to the corresponding line with cold water (Main meal: 400ml).
    • Open your chosen DRY sachet. Pour the contents of the sachet into your shaker and close firmly.
    • Shake for 30 seconds. There you have it! Your smoothie is ready to go!


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