Fit intermittent fasting plan

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Intermittent fasting is very successful as an effortless weight loss method. With this plan we make it easy for you to follow a very low calorie diet, rich in nutrients and cleansing properties, for 5 days in a row, respecting the hourly patterns of night fasting.

Contents: 5 x Nº1 juices + 5 x Nº5 warm soups + 5 Fresh Ginger Shots + 1 Fit Water (20 vials + 1 glass bottle) .

Our shakes and shots are so fresh that we recommend consuming them within 6-7 days of delivery. You can choose the delivery date in our calendar.

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The Fit Intermittent Fasting plan involves following a strict meal schedule over 5 consecutive days for optimum weight-loss results and increased waste removal, cell regeneration and brain performance.


Between 7am and 9am (on an empty stomach) drink your 500ml green juice made from celery, lemon, and spinach. These 3 ingredients boast powerful cleansing and purifying potential and help your body to eliminate fat and excess weight.

Complete your detox breakfast with a dose of energy and health thanks to our Fresh Ginger Shot. This superfood has a diuretic power and anti-oxidant effect.


Our nutritionist has specially prepared 5 exclusive meals with less than 500 Kcal to help keep your body in a state of autophagy and convert excess fat into energy. You’ll receive an email with a PDF including detailed recipes and step by step instructions.


Finish the day with a cleansing 485ml soupmade from leek, potato, onion, extra virgin olive oil, salt, moringa, baobab. This tasty combination helps regulate your nervous system and relieve stress, as well as combatting bloating, cell ageing, and water retention. Schedule all your meals before 8pm to guarantee 12 hours of overnight fasting. Don’t forget that the container can be heated up in the microwave to enjoy this warming treat straight from the pot with a spoon. This helps to provide a better feeling of fullness and allows nutrients to quickly pass into the bloodstream and start simulating your metabolism.


For optimum cleansing, drainage and fluid removal, take one vial of Fit Water mixed with water every day.


5 X Nº5 Soups

1 Fit Water – 20 vials + 1 glass bottle

5 Fresh Ginger shots

1 Detox food guide – You will receive it by email.


  • Natural weight-loss.
  • Full-body cleanse.
  • Feeling of lightness.
  • Boost energy and vitality.
  • Improved sleep cycles.
  • Antioxidant, immunoprotective and diuretic effect.


JUICE Nº1 + FRESH GINGER SHOTS (Between 7am and 9am)

  • Clear a shelf in your fridge to keep your 7 shots cool.
  • Take one Nº1 green juice + 1 Fresh Ginger Shot (on an empty stomach), for 5 consecutive days.
  • Shake each bottle well before opening.

LOW-CALORIE DETOX MENU (Between 1pm and 3pm)

  • Our dietician-nutritionist has designed a 5-day detox lunch menu.
  • Follow the recipes in the PDF that you will receive by email.
  • Every day you will receive a lunch recipe full of detox ingredients

SOUP Nº5 (Between 7pm and 9pm)

  • Complete your 5-day overnight fast with a cleansing low-calorie dinner.
  • Remove the lid from the pot and place in the microwave. Heat for about 2 mins on maximum power. Savour the flavour with a spoon.

FIT WATER (20 days)

  • Start your treatment at the same time as starting your plan: one vial for 20 consecutive days.
  • Method:
    • Shake 1 vial vigorously and add to a 500ml – 1.5L bottle of water.
    • Shake for 20 seconds until fully combined.
    • Hey presto! Your water is now Dietox water. You can enjoy your Fit Water over the course of your day, although we recommend doing so between 9am and 12pm for maximum effect.


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