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The Detox Week plan has been designed to be done once a month to keep your body in a detox state for as long as possible. The main objectives of this plan are to help you cleanse, lose weight, and boost your defences in just 7 days.

Contents: 2 days of detox juice therapy (12 juices) + 7 Fresh Ginger Shots + 5 x Nº5 hot soups + 7 vials of Fit Water (glass bottle included) + 1 SOS Mouth Spray + 1 x 5-day menu with detox breakfasts and lunches (to be sent via email).

Our smoothies are so fresh that we recommend consuming them within 6-7 days of delivery. You can choose the delivery date in our calendar.

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For two full days, you will follow a liquid detox diet that has been specially designed to help your body flush out toxins, eliminate water retention, and immediately reduce bloating. This helps to give your digestive system a well-deserved rest and allows your body to focus on burning fat, recovering energy, and boosting your natural hydration levels.

This fresh juice detox therapy consists of 6 delicious recipes to enjoy throughout your day, following the timeframes indicated on each bottle. All juices, soups, and broths are made from fresh fruit and vegetables, superfoods, cereals and pulses and meet the recommended daily vitamin intake established by the WHO. They’re also free from added sugars (85.8g/day).

Enjoy your Fresh Ginger Shots every morning on an empty stomach to boost your metabolism, protect your immune system, and naturally boost energy and vitality.

Don’t forget about your SOS Mouth Spray, which is a true anti-cravings life-saver! Simply spritz 3 times into your mouth whenever you feel those dreaded cravings creeping in.

Finally, you will also receive Fit Water, a powerful mix of plants to prevent fluid retention. One ampoule per day to dilute in your water bottle.


For the next 5 days, you should prepare your low-calorie breakfasts and lunches following the instructions provided in this specially-formulated menu by our nutritionist.

You’ll receive your low-calorie menu by email, along with the instructions for your plan. Continue with your turmeric treatment every morning on an empty stomach. Don’t forget to use your Fit Water vials for an added draining and toning effect.

Schedule your dinners before 8pm to maximise the effect of your overnight fast. Enjoy your 485ml hot soup for dinner, which has just 97kcal and 5.3g of fat. This soup is made from leek, potato, onion, extra virgin olive oil, salt, moringa, baobab. It offers powerful medicinal properties and helps regulate your nervous system and relieve stress, as well as combatting bloating, cell ageing, and water retention. Don’t forget that the container can be heated up in the microwave to enjoy this warming treat straight from the pot with a spoon. This helps to provide an improved feeling of fullness and allows nutrients to quickly pass into the bloodstream and start simulating your metabolism.


2 Days of detox juice therapy – 12 detox juices based on fruit, vegetables and superfoods.

Vials of Fit water – Glass bottle included

5 X Nº5 Hot soups

7 Fresh Ginger Shots – Fresh Ginger to take on an empty stomach.

1 Fat burning detox menu – Menu guidelines to encourage overnight fasting (you will receive it by email).

1 SOS mouth spray – The anti craving mouth spray


  • Lose weight and volume in a gradual and healthy way
  • Tone and enhance your shape
  • Achieve an Intense full-body cleanse
  • Regulate bowl movements
  • Recover healthy eating habits
  • Boost your defences
  • Boost energy and vitality



  • Clear a shelf in your fridge to store your detox therapy and Fresh Ginger Shots.
  • Refrain from eating any solid food over the next 2 days. Take one Fresh Curcuma shot every morning on an empty stomach and then consume your juices following the order and timeframes indicated on each bottle.
  • Shake each bottle well before opening. Remember that Nº3, Nº5, and Nº6 can be warmed up in the microwave on 750W for 2-3 minutes.


  • Download the breakfast and lunch menus that you will receive via email. Prepare your breakfast between 7am and 9am and your lunches between 1pm and 3pm. Follow the step by step instructions provided with each recipe.
  • Complete your breakfast with a turmeric shot and continue taking your Fit Water vial every day.

FIT WATER (Day 1 to day 7):

  • Start your Fit Water treatment at the same time – 1 vial per day.
  • Method:
    • Shake 1 vial vigorously and add to a 500ml – 1.5L bottle of water.
    • Shake for 20 seconds until fully combined.
    • Hey presto! Your water is now Dietox water. You can enjoy your Fit Water over the course of your day, although we recommend doing so between 9am and 12pm for maximum effect.

Nº5 HOT SOUP (Day 3 to 7)

  • Store your 5 soups in the fridge.
  • Consume one broth per day for 5 consecutive days, between 7pm and 9pm.
  • Shake each bottle well before opening. Remove the plastic lid and heat the container in the microwave on max power for around 2 mins. You can enjoy your hot broth straight from the container with a spoon.

SOS MOUTH SPRAY (Whenever needed)

  • SOS mouth spray to the rescue! With a fresh minty flavour, this product has been designed to calm your anxiety, reduce food-related stress, and curb any unhealthy food cravings.
  • Spritz 4 times into your mouth, up to 8 times per day (approx. 2.38ml recommended dose).
  • Shake well before use.


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