Inner beauty plan


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This is your nutricosmetic plan. It has been specially designed to nourish the skin and hair from the inside with help from the most powerful active agents for hydration and anti-aging.

Contents: 1 Beauty Water (20 vials + glass bottle) + 7 x Nº1 juices + 7 Fresh Ginger Shots + Nutribeauty Guide.

Our juices and shots are so fresh that we recommend consuming them within 6-7 days of delivery. You can choose the delivery date in our calendar.



Beauty Water is our professional formula for nourishing the skin from the inside. This formula, made from Hyaluronic Acid Coenzyme Q-10, Resveratrol, and rose petals is proven to be especially effective for reducing the signs of aging and treating sagging skin.


The green juice Nº1 from our detox therapy is undoubtedly the most cleansing of them all thanks to its celery, lemon, and spinach content. This tasty combination acts directly within the body to encourage natural drainage, eliminate waste and cleanse your organs, including your skin. Enjoy your juice on an empty stomach, between 7am and 9am, to prolong your overnight fasting and stimulate cell regeneration.


Ginger is a popular superfood due to its multiple properties. Among them, it encourages your body to flush out waste and provides an antioxidant effect that will have visible results on your skin and hair. Take a fresh shot every morning along with your green juice and you’ll soon notice a gradual improvement in your health and your skin & hair will be the proof.


This plan also includes a special Nutribeauty guide with information, practical tips, and home-made face mask recipes so you can continue to pamper yourself at home.


1 Beauty water – 20 vials + glass bottle

7 X Nº1 Juices

7 Fresh Ginger Shots

1 Nutribeauty guide – You will receive it by email


  • Deep hydration of the epidermis.
  • Cell regeneration.
  • Antioxidant effect.
  • Smoother and brighter skin.
  • Fluffy and shiny hair.


BEAUTY WATER (20 days)

  • Start your treatment at the same time as starting your plan: one vial for 20 consecutive days.
  • Method:
    • Shake 1 vial vigorously and add to a 500ml – 1.5L bottle of water.
    • Shake for 20 seconds until fully combined.

JUICE Nº1 + FRESH GINGER SHOTS (Between 7am and 9am)

  • Reserve a shelf in the fridge and keep juices and shots cold.
  • Take a Fresh Ginger Shot every morning, fasting, and a No. 1 juice for 7 consecutive days.
  • Shake each bottle well before opening.


  • Our dietitian-nutritionist has designed this nutribelity guide with tips and guidelines for maintaining healthy skin and hair.
  • Follow the advice and instructions in this guide that you will receive by email and apply them in your day to day.
  • In addition, it includes recipes for special masks for your hair and skin that you can make yourself at home


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