Fasting 16:8


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Join the most successful fasting method around and reprogram your body to make improvements to your health, such as:

• Achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
• Boost your immune system.
• Slow down the aging process.
• Achieve greater cognitive potential.
• Prevent disease.

Known as the Lean Gains protocol, this method of fasting is based on two phases:
• Phase 1: 16 hours of fasting.
• Phase 2: 8 hours of low calorie diet.

The 16:8 Cleanse pack takes you through the following 5-day routine:

8am: 100 Kcal Breakfast – JUICE Nº1 + CURCUMA SHOT
1pm: 188 Kcal Lunch – 1 Nº3 CREAM SOUP
4pm: 80 Kcal Snack – 2 SNACK BALLS


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